MTC Malwani prepared to welcome the New Year with Midnight Service. Members flocked the Church well before 11 pm to thank God for His goodness and grace during the previous year and to welcome the new year in His presence.

After the singing, Mr. Nelson of MVM delivered the old year’s message exhorting the members to thank God not only for the good things God gave in the previous year but also for the sufferings He allowed in our lives in 2015. He assured the congregation that God had taught us lessons through the pain and sufferings. We can be sure that God had a plan in allowing these bad moments in our lives.

Then with songs of praise and fervent prayers we entered the new year. What a glorious way to welcome the New Year! Sitting at the presence of the King of kings and committing the things of the unknown future in his hands. We expressed our faith in God’s leading in the new year by singing “In Christ alone, my hope is found”.

Then the New Year Promise “God will be favourable unto him… for He will render unto man his righteousness” (Job 33: 26) was expounded by the Pastor. The service ended with Holy Communion.