Sitting at the Bangalore City Railway Station, I look back at the past ten days. It had been unimaginable and it passed quickly like a nightmare but still could not process it fully and understand the implications.

We thought that my dad’s visit to hospital was normal and routine. We never suspected anything out of ordinary. He had survived the toughest times. He had outlived all our expectations. God had been gracious to him and extended his life two and half years more from the first hospital visit with renal failure.

But when things were going smooth – sudden heart attack, phone calls, flight, journey and the funeral – too much for mind to grapple. It had been fast and like a dream. No time to think of anything. Waiting for a sudden jerk to wake me up from the dream but sadly I realise that it is no dream. Life has changed upside down in a minute.

After the thanksgiving prayer meeting and saying bye-bye to all our relatives and friends, it’s back to the reality – a harsh reality. Typical long and tedious waiting and greasing the palms to get the necessary death certificate. My God! How difficult it is to move the papers from one table to another and to get the final desired result – the piece of paper with the officers’ signature?

My head spins when I think about the other procedures and formalities the banks are asking to get our money stuck in their coffers – paper works, signatures, witnesses, certificates etc. After successfully and patiently kick starting all these procedures, here I am, travelling back to Mumbai to resume the ministry.

God be with us!