It has been a week since I landed in Singapore. I am still amazed and stunned by the way I was welcomed and provided necessary help to settle down here at Trinity Theological College (TTC). They have a great mechanism which is low-profile and smooth, running like a well-oiled machine, to facilitate the international students.

I was received by a student at the airport and driven to TTC on the day I landed. This took away half of the anxiety of how to reach the campus.

Real surprise awaited at the campus where I was given a big bag. This was a small gift from a local church for all the international students to help them settle down, they said.

The Welcome Kit

I was surprised to see all the items I need to settle down initially – from tooth brush, paste to bed sheet and instant noodles were provided. Even someone has thought about adapter we need to plug in our charger in Singapore!

May be its their tradition or even routine but I was overwhelmed by the thoughtfulness of these small small items.

A church and its members have considerately decided to give away gifts so that an unknown student who comes to train himself/herself as a Christian leader to Singapore could be comfortable. They have thoughtfully planned that gift so that it would be a blessing to the student.

Thoughtful items

Thoughtful items

Thoughtful items

How thoughtful!

Not only this, another church had given a bus/train card worth of 10 SD to the new students so that they would not be confused when they travel in the city for the first time.

This reminded me of the small things in life which means so much when done at the right time to the right people.

This is what a CHURCH does!

It cares for people. Not only the people who are known but also for those whom it has not seen. This is possible only if a Church realizes that every Christian is an integral part of God’s big family.