Today morning I was searching for a thick thread to tie the ends of my car cover so that it would not be blown away by the wind. As I could not find any in our house, I blurted out a small prayer saying, “Lord, you provided a goat for Abraham to sacrifice in the place of Issac, kindly take care of this need”. Then all was forgotten.

I took the car to the parking place. I covered the car with the cover. Tied the front end with the thread which was already attached to the cover and came to the back to hook the rear side of the cover to some sharp point in the car.

Lo and behold! Exactly under my foot there was a thread, lying as if it was waiting for me to pick it up. While unconsciously tying it in the cover and fastening it to the car, I remembered the small prayer I uttered.

God answers even the small prayers.

I was also shocked to see how easily I overlooked the answered prayer and thought it was a normal event.

I praised God and asked him  to make me more sensitive to His acts in my life.