She was buried

She was buried

Finally, we laid her to rest. After nearly a month of being in different hospitals in the city, she lost the battle to her failing kidneys.

Mr. Sane is the secretary of the Marathi Methodist Church at Malwani. Our official relationship soon blossomed into a personal one. The one thing which was common between our families was the sickness. Mrs. Sane and my father are suffering from the same illness – failing kidneys.

So the relationship grew as we visited them often to talk about the treatment and her diet. Sharing of the practical experiences of hospitals and treatments helped both of us mutually. We could empathise with the family in their struggles. We too felt the pain with them. We prayed for them and prayed with them.

Last month we visited Mrs. Sane for the last time at her home. We wanted to give her Holy Communion at home (as her pastor was also sick she did not take part in the communion for nearly 6 months). We had a small service at home. We asked her what song she would like all of us to sing. She told “Jerusalem my happy home!”. As the family members sang the song in Marathi I asked Priya whether the song has the same meaning as we have in Tamil and English or only the tune is similar. But Priya assured me that it is the same song with the same meaning.

She happily took part in the communion and we encouraged her to visit the hospital as her hands were swollen. She went to JJ hospital and was admitted there for nearly a week. Then came home again.

I received a call one day asking whether I could drive her to hospital for check up. I complied. The preliminary check ups were over and the doctor asked the family to admit her in the hospital for few days till her swelling subsided. After settling in the hospital room, I prayed for her. She just smiled and said ‘thank you’.

That was to be our last meeting…


Mr. Sane and his daughter Ms. Parinitha

Mr. Sane and his daughter Ms. Parinita

Then I only saw her in the casket. It was moving and emotional moment for us. We had been emotionally attached with her well being for the past two years. We wanted her to recover. We wanted her to become normal. But God had other plans.

She was ready to die. She died peacefully without any bitterness. She proclaimed a month back itself that “Jerusalem was her happy home”.