Iron Wheel

The lively holiday mood was dampened by a bunch of people who don’t bother about rules and regulation. This was the worst experience I had in a train journey. I and Priya were on our way to Dehradun for the Senate of Serampore convocation. Our first stop was at Kanpur to spend a day with Paritosh’s before taking the connecting train to the venue of convocation.
It was then we met those patriots who consider everything belonging to the country as their own. They came with two reserved tickets but I could count five heads. They are astounding people who defile logic. This bunch did not stop with that. They talked aloud and drowned other’s voices in the compartment. They chewed tobacco continuously and smoked occasionally. They don’t have any consideration for the lady who is sitting opposite to them.
The worst part is that the hands of the law were not active, may be paralysed. This helped me to imagine the Wild West where the tentacles of law were not spread everywhere, providing apt illustration for the Louis L’Amour’s novel I was reading. I even wondered, in India too we have places where law is not implemented. Law enforces on the wheels did not bother to ask any questions. TTE don’t want to ruffle any feather. He is sweeter to them than I could imagine.
I and Priya held our breaths. We wanted the journey to be over somehow. We also regretted despising the advice of several people who urged us to book an AC ticket. When the train reached Kanpur at the middle of the night, HORROR ON IRON WHEEL ended. We breathed easily at the presence of loving friends. Now I will understand the feeling of a rescued hostage from a hijacked train (if at all it happens literally).