As I type these words, I am flying in the aircraft to Chennai wondering how things are going to turn out.

The shocking phone call in the morning from Mom that Dad is serious shattered all our hopeful plans. Subsequent conversation with the doctor, who was taking care of dad for the past two years, regarding his condition and final declaration that they could not revive dad after the cardiac arrest has placed a big question mark about future course in our lives.

Latest picture of dad

Latest picture of dad

A week ago my sister reached Mumbai to prepare herself for the wedding which is scheduled for January. We were with lots of hope that the journey forward would be safe though bumpy. Yesterday Priya and my sister went on for the wedding shopping. But today this news!

We trust God to take the situation in control. Though we don’t have a clue about the next step, we are confident that He will guide us.

At this time of uncertainty and grief, may I ask my friends and well wishers to uphold us in your prayers.