“he (Peter) went to the house of Mary the mother of John, also called Mark, where many people had gathered and were praying” Acts 12: 12

King Herod already killed James in the beginning of the chapter and Peter is in prison awaiting execution the next day. In the dead of the night an Angel appears in the prison and miraculously releases Peter. Peter took some time before assimilating his freedom in his mind. But when he fully understood what had happened, he went straight to the house of Mary.

I am sure Peter must have been in tears after reaching the house. Because there we see many Christians praying for him at that hour of night.


What a portrait of Christian solidarity!

They knew very well that Peter would be executed the next day. They also knew that they did not have any power or influence to change the course of the event – except to pray. So they came together.

It was a hard time for the early church. Their pastor Peter was marked for slaughter but they expressed their concern and solidarity by coming together and praying for him. By doing this they are endangering themselves. The execution of James was a public message to dissuade people from following the Jesus-worshipers. But here by gathering in one place they are showing their defiance to the authorities and their allegiance to Jesus and the Church.

What will we do when our dear ones are in trouble? Would we safeguard our interests or show solidarity?

We may not be of great help materially, but our presence could be a great encouragement for those who are in trouble.

Let us show solidarity with people who are going through hard times.  That is the least one can do to show Christ’s love.

(P.S – Next post will deal with the prayer of early church)