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Life is indeed beautiful, if we choose to view it that way

Thoughtful Welcome

It has been a week since I landed in Singapore. I am still amazed and stunned by the way I was welcomed and provided necessary help to settle down here at Trinity Theological College (TTC). They have a great mechanism… Continue Reading →

Singapore: New phase in life

I am writing this post from my hostel room at Trinity Theological College, Singapore. I am overwhelmed! It has been a long journey from Mannargudi – a small town in the middle of Cavery delta to Singapore. This journey has… Continue Reading →

Small, small blessings

Today morning I was searching for a thick thread to tie the ends of my car cover so that it would not be blown away by the wind. As I could not find any in our house, I blurted out… Continue Reading →

What have you given up for this lent?

I am very traditional about lent. I have not touched meat or other non-veg during these 46 days from my childhood. It is the way I was brought up and this is the way I am going to be till… Continue Reading →


The year 2016 started with rush of activities – finishing off the work at Mumbai, travelling to Tamil Nadu, preparations for the wedding of my sister Bersiya. Now finally it is over. Looking back at the flurry of activities and… Continue Reading →

Glorious death

A death in the family turns everything – plans, aspirations, hopes – upside down. Death of my father had our world shattered in an unexpected way. As we pick up the pieces and get into the routine, I reflect on… Continue Reading →

Unimaginable days

Sitting at the Bangalore City Railway Station, I look back at the past ten days. It had been unimaginable and it passed quickly like a nightmare but still could not process it fully and understand the implications. We thought that… Continue Reading →


As I type these words, I am flying in the aircraft to Chennai wondering how things are going to turn out. The shocking phone call in the morning from Mom that Dad is serious shattered all our hopeful plans. Subsequent… Continue Reading →

Mrs. Sheetal Sane

Finally, we laid her to rest. After nearly a month of being in different hospitals in the city, she lost the battle to her failing kidneys. Mr. Sane is the secretary of the Marathi Methodist Church at Malwani. Our official relationship soon… Continue Reading →


To our utter horror we found termites in the cartons of books while sorting out the books. Though the damage was minimal to most of the books and confined to couple of cartons, Dr. S. Rhadakrishnan and Zac Poonen were… Continue Reading →

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