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A chronicle and analysis of ministry done in congregations I have led.

Picnic to National Park

All the members of MTC Malwani prepared themselves for the one day picnic to the nearby spot of Sanjay Gandhi National Park situated at Borivali on 8th November, 2015. After the Sunday worship service and simple breakfast we boarded a… Continue Reading →

Mrs. Sheetal Sane

We are sad yet happy that we were able to minister to this family in their time of need. May God comfort them…

Tamil Pastors’ Fellowship

  It is a gathering for prayer and fellowship. Our Tamil Methodist Pastors gather together once in a month at different places to pray together, discuss any issues at stake and have a lively fellowship. This Monday it was held… Continue Reading →

Altar filled with Offerings

My heart rejoiced on the Day of Harvest because of the decoration of the altar. It had been my long standing desire to fill the altar with different kinds of offerings as decoration. It was majestic to see the altar… Continue Reading →

Day of Harvest

It was a joyous day at MTC Malwani. The divine service was filled with the Spirit. Mr. Edwin from MTC Borivali shared from the Word about giving and emphasised on how God would bless a generous person. The Word came… Continue Reading →

Gearing up for the Harvest Festival

MTC Malwani is gearing up for the Harvest Festival tomorrow. All the things are purchased. A group of people have volunteered to contribute fruits and vegetables for the decorating the Church. So we have lots of fruits and some net… Continue Reading →

Birthday Prayer

Phone calls requesting prayers is a normal routine in ministry. But today the request was whether I could pray at a birthday party of a neighbour’s son? I readily agreed though I could not exactly remember who that neighbour –… Continue Reading →

Harvest Festival

It is harvest time at Malwani. Though not a literal harvest, we are thanking God for providing our needs during the past year and looking forward to a blessed year ahead. The previous year was indeed hard on many business… Continue Reading →

Gearing up for Lenten Days

Looking back at the last seven months – I am grateful and thrilled- so much has happened. Rhesa was added into our family, Parsonage project which we started was completed and we have moved into it, I was ordained as… Continue Reading →

The Beginning

A parsonage had been a long time need of the Methodist Tamil Church, Malwani, where I minister. The pastoral care is reduced when the shepherd is far away from the flock. It also incur lots of expense to pay the… Continue Reading →

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