It was with a heavy heart we said good bye to Malwani – our home for past three and a half years. It was not an easy task as I imagined. The bond we have created through ministering to people of Malwani for the past five years was very strong.

For the first time in my ministry, I found it difficult to preach and had to hurriedly finish whatever I have prepared. We could see the love of people during the send-off ceremony. Young and old drowned us with their love and kind words. We, as a family, praise God for helping us to see this glorious day.

Felicitation by the Sunday School kids

Youth members of MTC Malwani presenting a Collage of our days together

We came home to Navi Mumbai with lots of gifts and wonderful memories about our experiences at Malwani.

No doubt that it was tough ministering in that area. We had to deal with many things from both within and without. More than what the Church gained through our ministry, we learnt valuable lessons for our lives and our future ministry.

Now that I am moving ahead to pursue what God has impressed in my heart, I hope these lessons will be valuable to me.

I am hoping to write about the lessons I have learnt at Malwani in the upcoming posts.