Christmas Carol Sunday

At MTC Malwani we celebrated the Carol Sunday today. It was a great day of rejoicing as young and old came together to sing songs about Christmas. Unlike previous years, many people came forward to sing without any hesitation. The singing session was kick started by the lovely voice of Tamil Methodist Church, Parel’s missionary […]

Glorious death

A death in the family turns everything – plans, aspirations, hopes – upside down. Death of my father had our world shattered in an unexpected way. As we pick up the pieces and get into the routine, I reflect on the very death of my father. In spite of all the unpleasantness and shock it […]

Unimaginable days

Sitting at the Bangalore City Railway Station, I look back at the past ten days. It had been unimaginable and it passed quickly like a nightmare but still could not process it fully and understand the implications. We thought that my dad’s visit to hospital was normal and routine. We never suspected anything out of […]