Glimpses of Hope

Today morning we reached the hospital at Tanjore. We went with lots of apprehension. But Dad greeted us with broad smile and he was happy to see Rhesa. From the time we reached, things were going in a positive direction. For the first time in a week he sat on the chair for a long […]

The on-going battle

Dad’s health is oscillating. He talked to me over phone yesterday. Most of the time he was babbling. Today the results of the blood test are not encouraging. Still doctor is trying to see if the Urea and Creatine level will come down without dialysis. Most difficult part for me is to imagine my mother […]


“Dad is not well today” mom uttered these words with a sob. Yesterday we were happy. Not only because of Easter but also because April 20th last year was the day we diagnosed my father’s kidney disease and admitted him in the hospital.  Yesterday we thanked God for keeping him alive for one year after […]

Kanji (Gruel)

The Parsonage was invaded on the morning of Good Friday. It was a welcome invasion. The invaders took hold of our kitchen and started making preparations for the kanji or gruel we give after the Good Friday service every year. It has its own taste. The simplicity is the main strength of the dish. Coconuts were getting […]