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September 2012

Easu Akka (Lit: Jesus’ elder sister)

Dad called to tell a joke regarding my mother. Some one just made my mom the akka of Jesus. It was a little girl from one of the gypsy-colonies in the outskirts of my town, Mannargudi. As we made fun of… Continue Reading →

God’s own Country

The trip to Kerala on our way back to Mumbai from Operation Dumbfound was an unforgettable experience. It was my first ever trip to God’s own country. My aesthetic sense which was blunted by living in the concrete jungle of Mumbai for… Continue Reading →

Operation Dumbfound

Two weeks back we (me and Priya) undertook a mission code-named OPERATION DUMBFOUND. It involved travelling 1633 kms (aprox) by Train. It also required we soliciting the help from many individuals at different phases of the journey. Logistics involved carrying… Continue Reading →

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