Our God given life is indeed beautiful!


This blog is an expression of who am I and what I do. It is both personal and devotional. As a ordained minister with the Methodist Church in India, I write about life, ministry and Bible. Much space would be given to the exposition of the word.

This will also serve as a repository of all that I have written – short devotionals for meditations, personal blog posts, ministerial activities, longer magazine articles and academic papers.

My only intention in setting up this website is that whomever is interested in reading about the application of the Word of God in the modern world should find materials easily. For those who love me and support me in my ministry, this serves as a convenient medium to follow my ministry and output.

This site is here because of a generous gift by a friend who wanted the world to know my writings.

Come. Join with in in my journey to discover this beautiful life through the Word of God.